Meet Efil


Meet Efil


"Take a moment to feel the
ground under your feet."



Efil spelt backwards = Life

Efil is the vibrant yellow character that you see above who has become the face of Mindful Happiness, alongside Giddy.

Efil came from the notion that mental illness can at times be seen, experienced or described using the metaphor, your 'inner monster’. While reading the book, “Mastering Bipolar Disorder” by Kerrie Eyers & Gordon Parker (2008), a guest writer recounted her first episode of bipolar disorder, and her unwitting ascent into the vortex of a manic phase, by describing the experience in the following way:

“I have truly become part-woman and part-werewolf.”

Not only did I completely relate to her description, but it was also one of the initial inspirations for the concept of Efil.

This so-called ‘inner monster’ metaphor (representing mental illness) was combined with the concept of ‘groundedness’ (representing mindfulness). Many design concepts were researched and experimented with before happily arriving at the Efil that stands before you today.

Efil is nor a boy or a girl; a man or a woman; or an animal. Efil is authentic in nature and wholeheartedly believes that experiences, labels & marks do not define you. Efil is simply a sense of groundedness; that feeling you get when you’re completely at ease; that moment during a spot of calm – Efil is your happy place. Efil is imperfectly perfect, takes in all surroundings with full awareness, is a little rough around the edges, but radiates a calm confidence that results from daily mindfulness. Notice that Efil is, simply, right here – Mindful Happiness in a nutshell.

Efil can be perceived as a visual representation of your ‘inner monster’ in it’s tamed state. Efil reminds us not to give up and not to be fearful as there are proven ways to master the ‘inner monster’ within us all. Wild things can be tamed, and managed when unhidden.

Mental illness affects us all, whether it be directly or indirectly by those who are suffering around us; showing its face in mild, moderate and severe forms. The journey is a challenging one, but the best things in life, are often not without struggle or challenge. There is always a tiny seed before a beautiful plant; heavy rain before a colourful rainbow; and even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. Each individual journey is unique, but we also share some similarities. The sooner you are able to recognise, control and master your thoughts and emotions, the sooner you'll find yourself rebuilding your way towards a more stable life. The untamed thoughts and feelings (the untamed mind) is the inner monster in each of us that will happily consume us if allowed to go unchecked.

When we are becoming overwhelmed by a negative feeling or thought – such as anxiety, insecurity, a grudge or a negative feeling or idea that we can’t seem to let go of – the initial effect of meditation is to reduce the loudness of those thoughts, to reduce the intensity of the inner monster. Then, with a little practice, we learn to eliminate those thoughts and feelings rather than merely suppress them.

If you’ve been afraid to look inside,
because you’re afraid of finding an inner monster –
that’s really sad.
Because your fear has kept you from finding what’s really inside – a beautiful, loving human being.
— You Can Choose To Be Happy: “Rise Above” Anxiety, Anger, and Depression by Dr. Tom G. Stevens (2010)

The Nature of Efil

The Nature of Efil


Efil is a lively, cheerful and sociable little character.

Efil may be small in stature, but has a wonderfully infectious energy that’s both vibrant and calming in nature.

Efil helps others feel connected and understood by being an open-minded & compassionate listener. Efil grows by learning every day, as well as sharing personal stories and knowledge of mental health with the world. Efil always speaks bravely about inner thoughts & feelings and never hides the unpleasant ones away. This makes others feel comfortable in doing the same and naturally creates a positive ripple effect.

Knowing that life can be challenging at times, Efil remembers to enjoy every moment. And most importantly to grow along with it.

Efil has a sense of groundedness that’s obvious to others. This comes from practicing daily mindfulness and embracing all types of circumstances & surroundings with great appreciation. Efil is accepting, non-reactive and knows that making others happy will make Efil happy too.

Efil exists to beat the stigma of mental illness & serves as a visual representation of your ‘inner monster’ in its tamed state. Efil is determined to continually educate others about mental health awareness to ensure it becomes a household topic that is open for conversation at all times, and is not a subject people fear to speak of any longer.

Efil understands that it can be confronting to take the first step, but openly sharing your struggles with mental health and seeking help from professionals as needed, gives you the best chance in taming & mastering your inner monster.

Efil reminds us not to give up and not to be fearful as there are proven ways to master the ‘inner monster’ within us all. Wild things can be tamed, and managed unhidden.

Be brave & share your story. Mental illness affects us all, and it doesn’t need to be a giant secret anymore. Let’s tame this monster together.

Be kind to yourself &
grow with each moment,
– Efil ❤️

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