Welcome to Mindful Happiness!

This blog has been created to spread positive energy, positive thoughts, and to create a channel to share my story with YOU!

My name is Johanna, but friends call me ‘Giddy’ so please feel free to call me that as well. How did I possibly get the name Giddy when I’ve been blessed with the beautiful name Johanna (after my great grandmother) you might wonder?

Well the story goes like this…

For most of my younger life, I grew up in an amazing place called Darwin, Australia. Through high school, there was a tv ad campaign on road safety called “Giddy Goanna”. To give you an idea, the mascot known as Giddy Goanna walked around like a human ‘bean’ upright on two hind legs wearing a brown hat (yep, just like the Bush Tucker Man) & a blue vest happily teaching children how to cross the road in the safest way. So having the name Johanna that naturally rhymed with ‘Goanna’, meant that it was only a matter of time before the boys at school thought it would be a good name to call me, or perhaps tease me with. 😏

Little did they know it would stick and be a name I would hold dear to me. Today, I couldn’t be more proud to be known as Giddy by my friends and loved ones.


With that now explained, this blog called Mindful Happiness is going to be a channel where I can open up to you and let you in on how I’ve secretly tapped into the goodness of LIFE! I also hope to inspire you to live a more happy and healthy life by being more mindful everyday in everything you do and everyone you come in contact with.

I have personally found my keys to happiness and hope that you enjoy reading my experiences about who I surround myself with, where I’ve come from, where I am now and where I’m headed in this beautiful marathon of life.

Stay mindfully happy,